Wednesday, July 6, 2011



semalam papa travel for an hour ke nilai..=)
hati sangat senang .. walaupon papa sampai lambat sikit sebab tayar pancit..=(..
tapi still thank you papa..
(eh!! bukan saye minta taw.. papa yang offer nak datang)

whats wrong with me??
actually saye tak lah homesick kot..
sebab i prefer staying in here bile mami offer balik..

but seriously,, i have big problem in study..
homework every day..
quiz in every weeek..
then in a month ,, mid sem..
compete with intelegent friends around me which their spm is lot lot lot more better than me...(of course lah,, my spm eherm2 je..)
n this is my serious pressure actually..
please be strong wahai ILY!!!

and again,, thank you mummy and papa for understanding me.. and never give up on me..
im struggling here for u mummy..
u are my soul..

"on no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear..."

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