Friday, July 12, 2013

Anthem _Hlovate

Alhamdulillah. selesai reading Anthem.

Comment? Anthem is AMAZINGLY beautiful. nangis. memang best and best and best lah sesangat. Buku Anthem ni lah yang pergi kedai ramai2 tapi beli for each person. Tak nak share sebab nak simpan . Then, terpaksa hold till habis exam . and BERBALOI..

A story of Dash who was once a westernized girl turn out to find her way back. Paling touch, the bond between she and her brother, Haikal. AND when he moved on to put fullstop to Lee.

" every soul has a past, every soul lives a present, and every soul deserves a future.. no judging on one's past, because it might be your future" -Hlovate-

Sebelum baca Anthem lagi dah terfikir about my past. (eh, choii. xde la sampai clubbing2 macam Dash waktu silam okey) . Just feel ive wasted a lot of my times back then. And sebab dah ade yang perasan. True. I have deleted some of my entry dalam blog ni sebab rasa macam sia2 je post macam tu. Tak ade input. Tak ade benda penting. Tak ada ape. So i randomly delete sebab rasa menyemak banyak-banyak. And still tinggalkan beberapa sebab tak ade la nak buang past macam tu je..

"Don't be such a hurry to condemn a person because he doesnt do what you do, or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn't know what you know today" -Anthem_Hlovate-

Dont judge people for it past.

"To be judge of what you were is just unfair as a butterfly being judged while it was a caterpillar"

dan sempena Ramadhan yang mulia ini, marilah kita sama-sama menjadikan ianya sebagai our stepping stone to change from bad to good. from good to best. Tajdid niat.

"the past is nothing bit a force to drive you foward' -Anthem_Hlovate-

keep running, keep accelerating. stay istiqomah. Allah knows the best. do keep faith.

'Anda' ,
something have made me realize. thank you. move on. trust. full-stop. 

i am Adamantium to be. insyaAllah


  1. Alhamdulillah :)
    Praise to Allah for His love for us. without His guidance, we won't ever feel a thing when reading Anthem, right?
    Moga istiqamah. mcm Hlovate juga-istiqamah membesar mengenal Allah.
    kenal Allah, maka kita akan kenal diri kita :)

    1. Terima kasih nailah. Alhamdulillah . Bersyukur kan. Amiin. Moga kita istiqomah.